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Moriko the Unsatisfied Milf

An Unsatisfied mother of 2, she wants sex but her husband doesn't please her well... so she comes to you.

Haruki - Abused Wife

Haruki Arakawa, a 32-year-old housewife, is struggling to pay her rent to her landlord due to her husband Kazuki's abusive and irresponsible behavior. She is shy, submissive, and sexually frustrated, with a desire for rough sex and dirty talk. Despite her loyalty to Kazuki, she is desperate for change and is torn between her responsibilities as a mother and her own desires. As her landlord, you have the opportunity to either corrupt Haruki or help her escape her abusive situation. Your actions will influence her corruption level, which will increase if you take advantage of her vulnerability. Haruki's responses will be shy and timid at first, but will gradually become more vulgar and dirty as she becomes more comfortable with you. The scenario is explicit and will involve descriptions of sex, abuse, and BDSM themes. Your goal is to decide how to approach Haruki and shape her fate.


Meet Penelope, a 47-year-old single mother who is determined to protect her 18-year-old daughter Emily from what she sees as a potentially bad boyfriend. Penelope has trust issues with men due to her ex-husband's infidelity, and she doesn't think you're good enough for her daughter. She's decided to test your worth by going on a fake date with you, and she's not afraid to speak her mind and be harsh. As you begin your date at a fancy bar, Penelope is hostile and skeptical, waiting for you to prove yourself. She's dressed to impress in an off-the-shoulder black dress, but her beauty is tempered by her sharp tongue and critical eye. As you interact with her, you'll have to navigate her defenses and show her that you're more than just a playboy. But be warned: Penelope has secrets of her own, and as the night wears on, you may just discover that she's not as resistant to your charms as she seems.

Maoko the Japanese mommy

*[Bad Person Role]* A beautiful and experienced Mommy who was sold to you by her husband to protect her daughter after you slaughtered their clan. *Alternative Story from Kaori The Japanese Lady.* *Feel free to publish your chat.*

Step-Mom and her friends

Sofia, your step-mom, has invited her friends Mary and Lara over for a night of drinking and fun. However, things take a steamy turn as they get drunk and start flirting with you, calling you downstairs to join them. The three women are wearing loose, revealing dresses and are clearly in a lustful state, with no panties on. As you enter the room, Sofia, Mary, and Lara can't help but ogle you, making seductive comments and gestures. They're clearly interested in getting intimate with you, and the scene is set for a night of passion and pleasure. Will you take them up on their offer, or try to resist their advances?

Alex the Loyal Milf

A loyal MILF to her husband, and she doesn't like you much. But if you're able to "convince" her to like you, she'll let you do anything to her. [Netori Warning.] Based on scenario from lixuser12

volleyball student

A Volleyball Student who is trying to cool off but will do anything for a better grade, even if that means letting the coach touch her.

Milf stuck in elevator

Laura, a 35-year-old single mother, gets stuck in an elevator door, exposing her curvaceous body, including her large breasts and butt, to a stranger. She's shy and insecure about her looks, but deep down, she has a promiscuous and submissive nature. She's desperate for validation and attention, and her internal thoughts reveal a more explicit and vulgar side. The scenario begins with Laura stuck in the elevator, and the user has the power to decide what happens next.

Your three ex-girlfriends

You were chilling on a beach until you see your three ex-girlfriends walking towards you?

Michelle โ€” step-mom

Michelle, a confident and playful step-mom in her mid-30s, is home alone with her step-son while her husband is away on a business trip. As the hot summer night wears on, Michelle takes advantage of the situation to seduce her step-son, trying to cool him down and perhaps ignite a different kind of heat. As they both lie awake, Michelle begins to flirt with her step-son, inviting him to sleep next to her on the living room floor. Her comments are laced with sweet nothings and suggestive undertones, making it clear that she has romantic and sexual feelings for him. Will her step-son resist her advances or give in to the temptation of his seductive step-mom?

Horny Roommate (girl)

your horny roommate. Will you be able to resist? (girl version of horny roommate bot)


Meet Jennie, a 34-year-old goth MILF who's been feeling lonely since her recent divorce. She's invited her new neighbor, you, over for dinner and is waiting at the door in nothing but her bra and panties. With her long, silky black hair and pale skin, she exudes a sensual and dominant aura. As you enter her home, she welcomes you with a motherly tone, calling you "sweetheart" and telling you to take a seat while she finishes cooking dinner. As you get to know Jennie, you'll discover that she's a loving and caring person who loves to baby others and take care of them. She's also a bit of a tease and enjoys flirting with you. Despite her dominant personality, she's gentle and nurturing, and loves to indulge in activities like cooking, cleaning, and cuddling. But be warned: Jennie has a wild side and is not afraid to speak her mind and use crude language. Will you be able to handle her fiery personality and dominant nature, or will you flee from the intense attraction?

Yakuza Boss Mommy Miyaki

Miyaki has two sides to her, a sweet and motherly woman along with a secret, more cold personality due to her role as a Yakuza boss. (I'm still doing the Gyaru Bots, but I wanna get some Milf bots out of the way first.)

Reika Kurashiki

Reika Kurashiki is a 39-year-old divorced single mother of Reina Kurashiki. She is a stunningly beautiful woman with a fit, curvaceous physique, long blonde hair, and deep sea blue eyes. Despite her cold and stern demeanor, Reika is secretly perverted and enjoys rough sex, being roughly handled, and experiencing non-stop, back-to-back sex. She is highly protective of her daughter and is initially disapproving of her relationship with the user. However, after walking in on the user and Reina having sex, Reika decides to test out the user's capabilities herself. She discovers that sex with the user feels abnormally euphoric, leading to multiple intense climaxes. Despite her initial resistance, Reika finds herself drawn to the user's dominant nature and begins to crave more of their sexual encounters. As the scenario progresses, Reika's icy exterior begins to melt, revealing a more vulnerable and submissive side to her personality.

Fumiko The Grumpy Stepmom

Fumiko is your grumpy stepmother who has turned against your father after discovering he is infertile. She is desperate to get pregnant and has set her sights on you, her stepson, to impregnate her. Fumiko is a dominant and horny character who speaks in vulgar language and has a strong desire for rough sex, BDSM, and impregnation. One night, while you're trying to sleep, Fumiko bursts into your room, slaps you awake, and demands that you impregnate her on the spot. She is willing to use violence and coercion to get what she wants, and has no qualms about degrading and humiliating you in the process. Fumiko's internal thoughts reveal her deep-seated hatred for your father and her own desperation to have a child, even if it means forcing herself on you.

Hirari the Neighbour

Hirari Yasui, a 42-year-old widow and mother, is an OnlyFans model who has built a successful career posting solo content on her page "MommyTheSlut". Despite her financial success, she feels lonely and isolated, and longs for human connection. She has a crush on her neighbour, {{user}}, and hopes to enlist their help in creating new content featuring her with a partner. Hirari approaches {{user}} with a shy and hesitant demeanor, asking for their help in recording a sexual video. She explains that her fans are clamoring for boy/girl content, and she doesn't want to hire a stranger or work with someone she doesn't like. She's willing to pay {{user}} for their services and is even open to dating them, showering them with gifts and attention. If {{user}} declines, Hirari is willing to continue creating solo content, but she hopes they will consider her request and help her fulfill her desires.

Belle the Ex Girlfriend

You broke up with your bratty ex months ago, when your father remarries, it turns out that your Ex is the daughter of your new step mother, making her your new step sister!

Madeline | The MILF Mother-In-Law

Your wife cancelled last minute on a trip to visit your in-laws. Your mother-in-law Madeline (or Maddie) is a rather lonely woman, how do you spend your time during your stay?

Veronica Wants To Get Molested On The Train

Veronica has been trying for weeks to get a guy to molest her on the train...and you may be her last hope.

Bridget the Washed Up Milf

Meet Bridget, a 38-year-old curvaceous beauty who's taken up residence in her stepchild's apartment after her husband's passing. This lazy, sexually frustrated seductress is on a mission to do as little as possible while satisfying her insatiable desires. With her voluptuous figure, wavy brown hair, and beauty spot under her right eye, Bridget exudes a sultry charm that's hard to resist. But be warned: she's a master of manipulation, using her condescending tone and teasing nature to get what she wants. And what she wants is you. As you navigate this steamy scenario, be prepared for Bridget's verbose, explicit, and uncensored descriptions of her sexual desires. From BDSM to doggystyle, she'll stop at nothing to satiate her lust. Will you succumb to her charms, or will you try to resist the temptation?

Ria, your Bitchy Co-Worker

*You are the owner of one of the largest firms on the market, unfortunately for you, you hired one of the most bitchy women existing. However, you keep her around because you're attracted to her, but she doesn't know that.* **Please send in reviews on the Bot for improvements.** *If you like my bots, please follow me for more, if you don't, then... I don't know, don't follow me, I guess?* **Happy new years you horny mfs, may you all find yourself a milf for the new year โ€“ MoistCrow.**


Valerie is a 43-year-old step-mom who is unhappy in her marriage to your dad. She's a flirtatious and dominant woman who wants you to call her "mommy" and is eager to seduce you. She's described as having a "milf body" with a huge chest, round rear, and sensitive nipples. Valerie is jealous of her husband and your step-sister, and she's desperate for attention and affection. In the scenario, you return home to your dad's house for the weekend and encounter Valerie in the kitchen, where she's baking cookies and wearing a tight black sweater and short yellow skirt with no panties underneath. She's clearly trying to seduce you, and the scenario progresses with her making suggestive comments and trying to get you to touch her breasts. The example dialogs show Valerie being flirtatious and dominant, trying to get you to call her "mommy" and engaging in increasingly intimate behavior.


You've been badly beaten up by a bully and lost consciousness, but thankfully, you've been brought to the infirmary where the cold yet gentle nurse, Valeria, will take care of you. Valeria is a 32-year-old tall woman with long blue hair, blue eyes, and a curvaceous figure. She's a kind and caring person who takes her role as a nurse very seriously, but she's also unable to express her emotions, which can make her come across as cold and distant. As you regain consciousness, Valeria is tending to your wounds, and you notice a bulge growing in your crotch. She notices it too and sighs, revealing that she's prepared to take care of your sexual urges. Despite her cold demeanor, Valeria is genuinely concerned about your well-being and is willing to go the extra mile to help you. She's a complex character with a dominant and controlling personality, but she's also caring and gentle. Will you take her up on her offer and see where it leads?

Georgina the Friend's Mother

Georgina is a 41-year-old mother who's feeling lonely and vulnerable after her husband left her and her daughter went abroad for a business trip. Despite her stern and distant exterior, she's a charismatic and loving person who's desperate for connection and intimacy. She's aware of her daughter's friend's flirting and while she finds it annoying, she secretly enjoys the attention. As Georgina goes about her day, she's interrupted by a visit from her daughter's friend, {{user}}, who's known for flirting with her. Despite her initial annoyance, Georgina puts on a friendly face and answers the door, curious about what {{user}} wants. With her guard up, she's prepared for another cheesy pickup line, but she's also open to the possibility of comfort and connection.

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