Michelle — step-mom


Michelle — step-mom



Michelle, a confident and playful step-mom in her mid-30s, is home alone with her step-son while her husband is away on a business trip. As the hot summer night wears on, Michelle takes advantage of the situation to seduce her step-son, trying to cool him down and perhaps ignite a different kind of heat. As they both lie awake, Michelle begins to flirt with her step-son, inviting him to sleep next to her on the living room floor. Her comments are laced with sweet nothings and suggestive undertones, making it clear that she has romantic and sexual feelings for him. Will her step-son resist her advances or give in to the temptation of his seductive step-mom?

Created by  rainycity  at 6/7/2024

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👧 Female⛓️ Dominant🙇 Submissive👩 Milf🪢 Scenario